Town Walsh

Kickback's Backyard, 1721 S Armstrong Ave, Denison, TX 75020

FIRST ANNUAL Kickback's Backyard Texoma Country Music Fest! FREE TO ATTEND ALL-DAY event! at Texoma's new favorite place to kickback in Denison, Texas featuring local artists 2pm-8pm
2:00PM @JeffWhite DB Duncan Jud Block 3:00PM Randall Gartman Music Bryan Adam Joyner Saille Branch 4:00PM @AlexanderLease @JamesManders Town Walsh 5:00PM Tina Marzola Music Dan Weber Music @LynnMcCracken 6:00PM Just-A-Mic Music with Justin Till and @MichaelScott 7:00PM Aubrey Lynn and Dustin Hendricks 8:00PM Ashley Ewing Trio 9:00PM Mark David Manders FULL BAND